Human trafficking is a lucrative business that continues to pull people into its complex illicit networks. In order to eradicate human trafficking, we need to create a more effective ecosystem than that of the traffickers.

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  • Kenta Aoki


  • Sayaka Murata


  • Keisuke Motoki


  • Tomomi Shimizu

    Senior Programme Manager

  • Ken Ito

    Board Member/ Executive Director at SROI Network Japan; Regional Head (East Asia), Asian Venture Philanthropy Network; Project Assistant Professor, Grduate School of Media and Governance, Keio University

  • Takashi Shimosawa

    Board Member/ Professor at Shizuoka University of Arts and Culture

  • Tetsuro Higuchi

    CPA Board Member/Director at Higuchi Accounting Office

  • Ryotaro Yamamoto, J.D.

    Board Member/ Attorney at Law, Oh-Ebashi LPC & Partners; Part-time Lecturer, Faculty of Policy Management, Keio University and School of International and Area Studies, Tokyo Univesity of Foreign Studies


    “The work experience with Kamonohashi has been extremely evolving and enriching for us. Kamo has been constantly looking for innovative and proven solutions to the complex issue of human trafficking and piloting with th Indian context and community.”

    Jyoti Nale-Tajane Project Head Save the Children India

    “In the last three years, Kamonohashi has been a partner striving to improve, develop and grow, to dream bigger but to stay grounded in reality. They value dialogue, transparency, and social justice, all of which are essential to build together a more inclusive equitable and sustainable development path. ”

    Uma Chatterjee Executive Director Sanjog

    “During the year as Aangan discussed a potential partnership, it was clear that Kamo's interest is beyong organizations, projects and grants. There is a clear commitment to solving the problem through a joint coordinated effort, bringing a diverse set of stakeholders together in a meticulously planned manner.”

    Suparna Gupta Founder Director Aangan

    “Kamo is not only a Donor, but also tries to understand from the heart the hurdles faced by its partners and advices for our organization's development and effectiveness. Their focus on Survivor's Voice and the Voice on the ground is very much appreciated.”

    Nihar Raptan Founder Secretary GGBK

    “Kamonohashi is a believer in innovation and new approach, and we share a common belief in the strength, empowerment and voice of survivors. With thier support we have been able to increase the geographical reach of our anti-trafficking programs, not only in Bengal, but in Maharashtra as well.”

    Sohini Chakraborty Founder director Kolkata Sanved

    “The representatives of Kamo in India share a marvelous relationship with all the members of consortium, which makes working together more expedient. Kamo has proved itself an efficient, successful, understanding and adjusting partner to work with.”

    Triveni Balkrishna Acharya Co-founder and President Rescue Foundation

    “Our partnership started in 2014 when we worked with the Kamonohashi team on monitoring of their of their India projects. The creativity and flexibility of the team made working with them an exciting and a learning experience. The team was very supportive and open to new ideas making the entire engagement complete in a consultative and participative mode. It was a true partnership and we look forward working on more projects.”

    Parul Soni Global Managing Partner Thinkingtrough Consulting

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