Who we are

We are a Non-Profit Organization headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. Since our foundation in 2002, our mission has been to create a world without human trafficking. neeraj

Our Story

It all started in 2002 when our founder Sayaka was told a tragic story about a little girl who was sold to a brothel for the price of the dress she was wearing. After years of exploitation and sexual servitude, HIV/AIDS took her life. Determined to create a world without child sex trafficking, she met Keisuke and Kenta, two university students who were determined to make it as social entrepreneurs. nee
Kamonohashi Project`s journey truly took off in 2004 when we opened an office in Cambodia and began holding computer classes for children living in orphanages.
After spending time establishing meaningful relationships on the ground and understanding the needs of vulnerable communities, we built a factory in Siem Reap province in 2006 that provided vocational training to local girls and women. Over the years, our Community Factory has helped break the cycle of human trafficking by creating sustainable jobs for the at-risk population by empowering the women it employs. The Community Factory has had an important impact on their lives. In 2009, we began working with the Minisitry of Interior by conducting police training. By sensitizing police and strengthening law enforcement, we were able to contribute to a decrease in human trafficking in Cambodia.
Over the years, we have crafted our identity as a funding partner with detailed knowledge of project implementation. We found that with so many great local NGOs, our strength lies in funding the right projects to tackle human trafficking efficiently and strategically. Today, we work with a wide variety of individuals and organizations, including social entrepreneurs, traditional NGOs, UN agencies, government entities, corporations, and philanthropists.
With our experience gained in Cambodia, we officially expanded our activities to India in 2012. We have been an active member of the Anti-Human Trafficking
Ecosystem ever since. We work hard to develop relationships built on trust and respect with our partners in India,
and together we hope to create a world free of violence and exploitation.