Community Factory Project In Cambodia

  • Year : 2008 - 2018

Beginning in 2008, Kamo established a community factory in rural Cambodia to create long-term employment opportunities for women in poverty. Poor women and children are particularly at-risk to human trafficking and susceptible to deception due to economic vulnerability.

The Community Factory provided economic independence to hundreds of women, allowing them to safely generate income for their families, and also developed their life skills in reading, writing, and managing finances. After women "graduated" from the Community Factory, they were also supported in finding job placements and securing sustainable employment. Additonally, the Factory provided lunch services and a nursery to women with young children. 

In line with our goal to create an independent mechanism for community empowerment, Kamo exited Cambodia in 2018, and the Community Factory became an independent nonprofit organization. It continues to support at-risk populations of women and children. Support the work of the Community Factory by purchasing handwoven products of their own product brand, SUSU