Dance Movement Therapy with Kolkata Sanved

  • Year : 2012-ONGOING

Kolkata Sanved's Dance Movement Therapy is a project that offers dance and other social therapeutic means to survivors of human trafficking. DMT is a creative counseling process that creates a judgment-free space for survivors to work on their mental and physical self-image perception, insecurities and communication skills. It helps restore love, care and respect for the body and the self.

Since 2012, Kamo has been supporting Kolkata Sanved to provide DMT to sex trafficking survivors in institutional care through relevant research. The DMT programme has been designed based on research findings regarding survivors' post-rescue experiences and the best focus areas for their optimal psychological recovery.

This healing and empowerment enables survivors to reaffirm their social identity, increase their self-confidence and give them a voice in society. Our recent impact assessment studies from 2015 to 2017 suggest that the therapy has been effective in reducing trauma symptoms among survivors of human trafficking, especially in the area of psychological trauma related to sexual activity as well as depression and anger.

A third impact assessment is currently being conducted to deepen understanding of survivor trauma and ways to better meet the needs of survivors. Kamo intends to share our findings with other stakeholders to build a better system that addresses the diverse needs of survivors within the restorative and recovery process.